It isn’t all books and lectures here at the University of New York in Prague!

Whether you’re an aspiring Messi, a budding debate champion, a star of the small screen or you prefer the life of the mind, you’ll find friends at UNYP with similar tastes.

Here are a few possibilities.

The Debating Society is one of the leading academic clubs at UNYP. Upon its re-establishment in 2015, it has managed to achieve a great success.

You do not only develop your public speaking skills and build up valid arguments, but you also get to learn quite a lot about various issues in the world.

Students debate about the hot topics in the news as well as what is close to their interests. The UNYP Debating Society also closely collaborates with the MUNYP and has been involved in a number of international competitions.

Contact person:

Janine Waletzke –

MUNYP has emerged as an initiative for creating a platform for young scholars interested in international relations to discuss global current affairs.

Since Fall 2015, our club has grown considerably in size, with students showing dedication, passion and enthusiasm in meetings and their increasing interest in participating in domestic or international model UN conferences.

In 2018 we grew even further, by holding our first conference at the university. Since then our yearly international high school conference has grown to an outstanding group of 115 students from many different countries. And we look forward to hosting many more successful conference in the future. 

Contact information:

Sandra Yuksel –

Richard Gattringer –

Facebook page: MUNYP


In the UNYP creativity club we seek to open and expand the creative mind of our members. It is a place where we relax, create and go beyond our limits by trying a variety of new creative skills. Together we visit galleries, enjoy workshops by a number of artists, create, dance, sing… because anything is possible in the UNYP Creativity club! So join us and find your creative spirit!

For more information:

Anastasija Černousova

Adéla Janovská

The UNYP Psychology Club works as an academic club with the aim to help our students maximize their full potential.  Our club is open to all students independently of their major or
year of study. We believe that with our help, not only will the students’ CVs stand above all other, but they will also be proud representatives of UNYP in many noticeable ways.

Annually, the Psychology Club officers help with the International Student Research Conference (ISRC) organization: an event where students can present their own research. We have been cooperating with the nursery school Pink Crocodile and at psychiatric clinic in Bohnice or the National Institution of Mental Health in Bohnice, among others.

As a psychology student, you can become a member of the Czech (CASP) and European (EFSPA) psychology student associations.

For more information:

Diana Sultanova 

Sara Osmanova

Facebook group UNYP Psychology Club

Club email

Welcome to the Communication Studies Society!

The Communication Studies Society is intended to provide a forum for interaction and exploration among the UNYP community interested in communication and media issues. Specifically, the aim is to take issues out of the classroom and seek answers by engaging with the sources!

We want to go places, see things, ask questions, and be permanently out of the box!

What does that mean?

  • Ever wonder how some companies get away with misleading advertising? Attending a meeting at the Council for Radio and TV Broadcasting can provide insight. Feel that journalists are contributing to negative feelings in society with their stories about refugees? Visiting major news organizations like CNN or Reuters and asking journalists could be a solution.
  • Want to work at Disney? Google? Ogilvy? Our Communication Alumni are at the best companies and can tell you what it is like.
  • Want to do some academic research to help you get into a good grad school? Let’s put on a conference! Want to meet communication students from other Czech universities and compare what you study? Why not set up an exchange and share ideas!

Come to our meetings and let’s share ideas about what we are interested in, and how to go about taking our curiosity out of the classroom and into the wider community.

Contact person:  

Dr. Todd Nesbitt  –

The International Friends Club (IFC) aims to provide an opportunity to form new friendships and create a strong community. Part of the IFC is a Buddy Program, where full-time UNYP students are matched with Erasmus/exchange students and help the visiting students better orient themselves in a new environment. IFC organizes various events within different areas of interest, such as sightseeing, party, sport, and arts & culture.

Contact information:

Club email

Dominika Valdová

TED Circles is an open platform for all UNYP students, alumni, and faculty members who are passionate to engage in conversations about ideas that matter to them. We meet on a regular basis to watch chosen TED Talks related to a prepared topic and discuss their ideas afterwards.

Follow TEDxUNYP Facebook page and your UNYP e-mail inboxes for more information about the upcoming events!

For more information:

Diana Mušková

Facebook pageTEDxUNYP 

The purpose of the club is to create a cozy and friendly environment for students to communicate and analyze a wide range of literary works (narratives, screenplays, theatrical plays, novels, short stories, poems, comics, manga, folktales) from different perspectives, such as, for example, psychological, literary and historical; and then discuss the material and share various points of view. Our discussions will be held in a place full of candles, blankets, tea, and cookies.

Contact Details:

Alina Yeshimova –

Instagram page:

At UNYP All Stars, we believe everybody is a star and so we encourage everyone to express and share their interest in dance. We create videos, choreographies, and performances for UNYP and our viewers!

To make things even more interesting we give you an experience of the different dance styles from around the world!

Sign up for UNYP all stars and be welcome to the world of dance!

Contact details: 

Anita Green –

Sumiksha Chakraborty –

Instagram @unyp_allstars

The Finance Club at UNYP is a new Club that is a student-led effort aimed at increasing financial awareness via engaging and creative activities, events, conversations, and seminars. 

The Club’s aims are as follows:

– To pick students’ interest in finance by sharing stories from students, teachers, and alumni.

– To offer a thorough grasp of the finance industry, including the occupations and qualifications associated with it.

– To assist members in developing their interpersonal skills, including leadership and presentation skills.

– To give the basic fundamental understanding on how the stock market works.

Contact person

Maksat Karashev:

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