We are the champions: UNYP Blazers win the 7th Football League

The UNYP Blazers have had a fantastic season, starting out in the 7th Football League and ending the season with promotion to the 6th League. The final match of the season was held on the 29th of November and ended in a spectacular victory for the Blazers. Congratulations to the whole team!

We interviewed Samuel Jahoda, UNYP Blazers team coach.

You finished the season with a resounding success! Tell us about these great results.

We put together an incredible group of players with a great sense of team spirit, and we would not be top of the league without their dedication and passion. This team is truly the best UNYP Blazers team we have ever had, which is why we are the champions, and we will compete in the 6th League next year. 

How many football leagues are there? What does it mean for a team to be promoted to the next league?  

There are 8 leagues in total. Last year we went from the 8th League to the 7th League and ended up in 3rd place. This year we are the champions, which means we will play in the 6th League next season. 

How many games did you play to get there?  

11 games. We won 9, drew 1, and only lost 1. Our defense was the second-best, and so was our offense. We really ruled this division. 

How did you celebrate winning the league? We know that you have top players contest among your team. Who won this year, and what were the criteria for winning? 

We had a great team dinner, and then some of the boys went to a club to dance their victory off. The Most Valuable Player of the season was voted for by the players, and our striker Vincent Rossi won the MVP trophy. Vincent is the 2nd best-scoring player in the league, with 12 goals. 

Any changes to the team? I heard you have a new team captain. 

No major changes. We had a few guys leave the team as they were only in Prague for one semester, but the core of the team will stay the same next season. Our captain Riki is leaving for an exchange semester in Japan, so we will have a new captain; Jan Zelenka. Jan is a loyal team member and the hardest working man on the field, so it is an honor he deserves. 

When does the next season start? What are your plans for the future? 

The 2023 season starts in March. Next year we aim to get comfortable in the 6th League, and I feel like we might have a chance to aim for the 5th League in the year after that

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