UNYP expands its Business Administration program with three new concentrations

The School of Business at the University of New York in Prague is excited to announce the expansion of its portfolio of concentrations for students enrolled in its Business Administration program. In addition to the existing concentrations in Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, and Sports Management, students can now choose from three new concentrations: Behavioral Economics, Data Analytics, and Entrepreneurship.

Behavioral Economics is a relatively new field of study that combines insights from psychology and economics to gain a greater understanding of how people make decisions. In the Behavioral Economics concentration, students will learn about the cognitive and emotional biases that influence decision-making, as well as the ways in which these biases can be exploited or mitigated in different situations.

Data Analytics is another rapidly-growing field, which focuses on the collection, analysis and interpretation of large sets of data to make informed decisions. In the Data Analytics concentration, students at the University of New York in Prague will develop these skills through theoretical study and hands-on use of the technical tools and methods used to process and analyze data.

Finally, the Entrepreneurship concentration focuses on the creation and management of new ventures, including the development of new business ideas, creating a business plan, and managing the financial and operational aspects of a new venture. The Entrepreneurship concentration will also give students a deep understanding of the entrepreneurship ecosystem and the various resources available to entrepreneurs.

The addition of these new concentrations will give students even more opportunities to specialize in specific areas of business and gain a deeper understanding of the issues and challenges that are unique to these fields. The School of Business at the University of New York in Prague is committed to providing students with the best possible education, and these new concentrations will prepare students for the business world after graduation.

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