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School of Business

We prepare students to succeed in the international world of business. Our BBA and MBA programs provide students with a solid foundation in business management and familiarity with the cultural aspects of international leadership, while simultaneously developing critical thinking skills and strong English communication skills.

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School of Communication and Media

We seek to provide students with a world-class education that develops critical conceptual understanding and analysis, practical skills, and research capabilities. On graduation, our students will be ready for a career within one of the communication professions, or to pursue graduate studies at a leading higher education institution. Embedded within the context of an interdisciplinary, collaborative, and multicultural learning environment, students shall obtain the understanding and knowledge necessary to be contributing, flexible, adaptable, creative and tolerant in a social and professional environment characterized by convergence and change.

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School of International Relations

We help our students to understand the political, social and economic developments occurring in a globalised world. Our program equips students with the knowledge, the skills and the tools that allow them to analyze international relations and international economic developments. Our department places a very strong emphasis on critical thinking skills, ethical dimensions and English communication skills, placing our students in an advantageous position in their attempt to build a solid academic and professional career.

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School of Psychology

We prepare students to succeed in the increasingly international world of psychology. Our curriculum is designed to meet the guidelines of both the American Psychological Association and the EuroPSY guidelines of the European Union.

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