Tomáš Bártek

Graduation: MBA in Project Management, class of 2012
Career: Marketing Director, Maternia

“From my perspective, it is important [for students looking for jobs after graduation] to not look at how big the company is. I don’t think it’s as important as finding a good work environment. If you don’t have an opportunity to grow or an opportunity to work freely, then I would suggest you select a smaller company that will give you satisfaction.”

Tomáš is currently the Marketing Director at Maternia, an e-commerce contact lens company, selling contact lenses in 14 countries across Europe. Tomáš manages an international team of 17 people. Being a digital company, Tomáš coordinates marketing activities in all markets, incorporating elements of social media, PPC, email marketing, display marketing, offline marketing, and more. Tomáš is very content with his current position and company as its growth makes the work life interesting, with the company continually expanding to further markets, most recently Romania, Greece and Bulgaria.

Tomáš attained his MBA with a concentration in Project Management at UNYP in 2012. Although accounting is not really his expertise, Tomáš says that the financial accounting courses taught by Professor Claude Varley were some of his favorites. Having esteemed faculty members like Professor Varley, ex-president of Coca Cola Bottling in France, teaching at UNYP is one of the university’s greatest strengths. He also enjoyed the courses specializing in project management as he was on the verge of becoming a project manager himself at the time and being able to practice what was learned in the classroom at work was a valuable experience.

Tomáš credits UNYP’s MBA program for structuring the knowledge he had prior and the knowledge he gained during his studies to prepare a good base for management. His advice for future UNYP graduates is to follow a career they like. He advises people who are stuck at a company that gives them no professional satisfaction to change the environment and look for better opportunities.

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