Markéta Pešoutová

Markéta Pešoutová
Ph.D. candidate at the Olomouc University Social Health Institute, Palacký University, Olomouc, Czech Republic Mag. Psych. (M.A.) Palacký University, Czech Republic
Markéta is a psychologist, a trainee psychotherapist, and a PhD candidate at the Social Health Institute in Olomouc, focusing on the area of emotions and their relation to health complains and psychosocial interactions. Secondly, she leads a work package in the SHAPES project, which is funded by EU – HORIZON2020. She is involved in a cross-national anthropology research as well as a concept mapping study on age-friendliness in the Czech Republic. She has been involved in qualitative research for past 4 years, currently teaching junior researchers DIPEx methodology, created at the Oxford University. Thirdly, Markéta is a passionate soft-skill trainer focused on topics such as relaxation, mindfulness, and emotional intelligence. Currently, she is also an external consultant in HR, involved in development activities and team buildings.

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