Peter Zvagulis

Peter Zvagulis
Ph.D. University of Wales, UK M.A. University of Latvia, Latvia
Dr. Zvagulis enjoyed an illustrious career in international journalism before changing course and focusing on research and academia. Peter is active researcher and his method of measuring the impact of hate speech on the public mind has been adopted by the European Commission and by the government of Latvia. Peter completed his PhD at the University of Wales, UK. He holds an M.A. in Humanities from the University of Latvia. His other academic expertise includes a certificate of Csc/ABD in the History of Philosophy from the Academy of Sciences of Latvia where he has worked as a researcher, and a certificate of PhD/ABD in communications from Columbia Commonwealth University, USA. Peter is a former journalist with experience in newspaper, radio and TV reporting. More than 13 years of his career was with Radio Free Europe in New York, Munich and Prague. He uses his professional knowledge and multi-cultural experience in working as a volunteer with NGOs and helping the refugee communities in the Czech Republic to overcome cultural and religious differences in their new home country. Peter speaks English, French, Latvian, Russian, German and Czech.

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