Michal Miovský

Michal Miovský, MA, PhD Michal Miovský is a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist. He was appointed as professor in clinical psychology at Charles University in 2012. In 2005 he was appointed as the head of the Centre for Addictology at the Department of Psychiatry of the 1st Medical Faculty, Charles University, Prague. In January 2012 he became the head of the Department of Addictology, an independent institution created by the merger of the Centre for Addictology and the Addiction Treatment Unit of the General University Hospital (“U Apolináře”). Since 2008 he has held the office of the Vice-dean for non-medical study programmes at the 1st Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, Prague. From 2016 to 2018 he was the president of the International Society of Addiction Journal Editors (ISAJE). In 2016 he became a founding member of the International Consortium of Universities for Drug Demand Reduction (ICUDDR) and in 2017 he was elected the first ever president of this international organisation following its incorporation. In 2021 he become member of board of directors of International Society of Substance Use Professionals (ISSUP). He is a permanent member of the Scientific Board of Charles University and a member of the Scientific Board of the Czech Health Minister. Website: RG: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Michal_Miovsky

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